Powerful  Communities

By soliciting and analyzing input from all stakeholders, setting clear objectives, and partnering with you to involve the community in achieving them, CPPS augments resources that bring support and inspiration to your students and staff.

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Powerful schools are supported by engaged communities ready to do what is needed to support the education system to provide equity, access, and choice to all students.  The Center for Powerful Public Schools helps engage your community using proven techniques and its extensive contacts to deliver better student outcomes.

Engaging Community Members of All Types &

Leading Education Policy Support

Today, schools and districts actively seek to engage the community in many ways, through social programs, events, and learning opportunities in a mutually beneficial relationship.  The Center for Powerful Public Schools provides:



Lead input gathering and authentic feedback sessions for all stakeholder groups, including teachers, district/school leaders, students, parents and business and community partners.


Analyze, report, and recommend based on data collection

LeAD & Liaison

Lead and facilitate Community Based Organizations(CBOs) involved with the school / district for greater student outcomes

Current coalitions include:

  • Class

  • Linked Learning Alliance

  • Capacity Builders

  • English Learner Consortium




Elizabeth (Betsy) McKinstry, Ed.D.

Director, Career Technical Ed

Antelope Valley Union

High School District

CPPS has been instrumental in facilitating the work of the district by bringing together and collaborating with various stakeholder groups to develop the Graduate Student Profile to align with the mission and  vision of the district and by working with our small learning communities to build capacity for Linked Learning to ensure all students for rigorous academic and technical coursework, student supports, and work-based learning opportunities.

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Annamarie Francois


California Commission on

Teacher Credentialing

Our partnership began 10 years ago.  What brought us together is the shared mission between social justice and community development.  We have been able to build solid relationships with schools, making schools the center of connecting with the community.

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Jennifer Cano

Director, Education & Program Policy

United Way of Greater Los Angeles

The Center's advocacy has been essential to help us focus on high-needs students and high-needs schools and to dispel the myths that these schools cannot be centers of high-quality learning and community care.  The Center's essential role has been speaking in the face of denial that low-income schools in high-needs areas cannot be successful.



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