School Districts

With customized school development services that build capacity not dependency, school districts become more responsive to the needs of their constituents and achieve better results for all.

LA Superintendent & Several School Boaar

LA Unified Superintendent Austin Beutner with several school board and community members. (Justin Frank/Los Angeles Unified School District), Source: The74.org

A high performing school district is focused on educational excellence, equity, and innovation.  It works collaboratively to close persistent achievement gaps and to create a better future for its students by supporting teachers and staff and engaging families and the broader community.


The Center for Powerful Public Schools (CPPS) supports the vision and priorities of district leadership for a thriving network of schools.  We will also help definine and implement equitable instructional practices and programs that improve student outcomes.


Building Your Capacity Through Coaching, Best Practices & Community Engagement 



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Develop a long-term plan to grow the efficacy of our schools


Design & implement rigorous college and CTE programs  that produce skilled and college-ready graduates


Improve the performance of new or struggling principals or teachers through coaching and professional development plans or be trained on specific areas of concern


Innovation and continual improvement are critical.  Through sharing best practices, staying abreast of pedagogical research, establishing school and community networks, the Center will help you run the best schools possible.



Recommended by Administrators & Educators Like You

  • Trusted, long-term relationships in the community with stellar references

  • LA Unified’s first choice in partners to establish a thriving network of Linked Learning schools

  • One of 6 nationally certified providers and partner for 4 of 14 Gold Certified schools

  • One of the initial set of progressive educators who established autonomous pilot schools offering unique choice to underserved communities

  • Known throughout southern CA as experts in addressing high-need areas

  • Currently advocating for 47 schools across Los Angeles


Focused on Customized Capacity-Building Efforts, Not Dependencies
  • Tailored approach to meet your targeted outcomes
  • Personalized professional development plans co-constructed with partner districts

  • Mutual accountability for goals:  We only succeed when you do!

Experienced Yet Continually Evolving

  • Over a decade of experience building better LA schools

  • Best practice sharing based on work with many schools and hundreds of educators

  • Abreast of the latest pedagogical research

  • Able to augment your resources through our skills in family and community engagement and partnerships with leading community based organizations

Proven Teacher-Leader Pipeline Development

  • Effective assessment, training, and development of future leaders -> bench-strength building

  • Specialists in creating equitable learning environments that leverage the identities, cultural backgrounds, and experiences of students, teachers, and staff