Strong Leaders with a Vision & Plan

With leadership development and support, school leaders create a cohesive school culture that engages and empowers all in the community to produce skilled, informed, compassionate citizens.

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An outstanding school has inspirational leadership with a clear vision and direction.  Its leadership sets high goals for students and staff and sets measurement, accountability, and support processes to aid achievement.  Collaboration and inclusivity are critical and extend to relationships with parents and the local community.  Learning is interactive and permanent.

The Center for Powerful Public Schools assists principals/school leaders in developing a unique vision and roadmap for creating and maintaining an equitable, high-performing, cohesive learning space committed to serving all.  We help engage family & community members to add resources and catalyze and sustain improvement.a

Supporting Your Vision for School Improvements with Leadership Coaching, Team & Community-Building, and Successful, Innovative Instructional Programs

We will help you:

  • Strategically plan culturally relevant outcome focused lessons and feedback systems that ensure equitable achievement for all students

  • Develop your team​ through training and coaching focused on each school and educator's unique needs

  • Set consistent high standards for the learning environment that that effectively leverage students’ identities, cultural backgrounds, abilities and experiences

  • Continuously improve and innovate through reflection, collaboration, and current research

  • Improve your instructional inquiry with:

    • blended learning-focused small Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

    • on-site School Leadership Team Meetings

    • design theory centered facilitated innovation teams



We’re Recommended by Educators Like You

  • Trusted, long-term relationships in the community with stellar references

  • LA Unified’s first choice in partners to establish a thriving network of Linked Learning schools

  • One of the initial set of progressive educators who established autonomous pilot schools offering unique choice to underserved communities

  • Known throughout southern CA as experts in addressing high-need area

  • Currently advocating for 47 schools across Los Angeles


We Focus & Share Your Unique Challenges & Goals
  • Tailored approach to meet your targeted outcomes

  • Personalized professional development plans co-constructed with partner districts

  • Mutual accountability for goals:  We only succeed when you do!

  • Build capacity not dependence

Experienced Yet Continually Evolving

  • Over a decade of experience building better LA schools

  • Best practice sharing based on work with many schools and hundreds of educators

  • Abreast of the latest pedagogical research

  • Partnerships with top community resources to supplement as needed

Equity-centered Practice

  • Focus on culturally relevant outcomes

  • Specialists in creating equitable learning environments that leverage students’ identities, cultural backgrounds, and experiences


Heather McManus

Chief Learning Officer

Camino Nuevo Learning Academy

We talked about our long-term goals as well as how we can address  immediate goals to address measurable results.  We crafted our partnership based on that.    I really felt like it was a true partnership with a good understanding of what we wanted to accomplish.  We don't often find that  in the educational world.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.