Prep 4 Success: Eases Entrance to High School

Students are better prepared and more confident in high school after attending a three week summer bridge program.

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Prep 4 Success makes the transition for students from middle school to high school easier.

Academic Review

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Small Group


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Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

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Real-World Project

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Academic Readiness

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Stress on the Brain is our newest Prep 4 Success program and has been praised for its effectiveness in preparing students for high school even during these challenging periods. 

Susan Ruiz, LA High School for the Arts on her Experience with Prep 4 Success

Real-world Projects

Stress Presentation Agenda
Stress Presentation Agenda

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Definition of Stress
Definition of Stress

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Ways to De-stress
Ways to De-stress

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Stress Presentation Agenda
Stress Presentation Agenda

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