Linked Learning



Our learner-centered teaching practices have impacted more than 15,000 students. Our approach improves student preparation for college and career. We believe that powerful public schools are essential to an equitable society, economy, and democracy.


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Students develop high-level skills within a career pathway and, though real-world, work-based learning experiences, they develop professional competency, personal skills and academic knowledge. They experience connections among diverse subject areas, working collaboratively to solve real-world problems and present creative solutions.

By working with us, you'll be partnering with the original Southern California provider of coaching and technical assistance for Linked Learning.  Since 2009, the Center has coached over 30 pathways through the development, implementation, and certification phases of the Linked Learning model, including four of the fourteen Gold Certifications in the country.  We work closely with you to identify your vision for implementation.  We then add our knowledge and expertise to guide and support staff to transform the student learning experience.  Thus, you can leverage our experience to avoid common mistakes and speed implementation.