Powerful Educators

With equity-based professional development and coaching, teachers become more effective and empowered.

Teacher with Pupils

A  powerful educator intentionally strives for equity.  S/he addresses the needs of underserved students by removing barriers and providing access to a high level of learning.  We know you're doing your best in a very challenging job.   We've been there in the classrooms too.  Now, with the experience of working with hundreds of educators and thousands of students in lots of settings, we want to support you and augment your efforts.


At the heart of the Center for Powerful Public Schools is a group of dedicated, experienced educators who apply passion and skills to improving schools and districts, students, and other educators.

Enhancing Teacher Effectiveness With A Long-term Partnership

Instructional Coaching

Through cycles of instructional coaching we work one-on-one with educators to develop relevant and rigorous instructional goals, create thriving classroom climates, and build professional mindsets that are essential to achieving equitable outcomes.


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"Powerful Improvement for More Equitable Outcomes"

Educator Coaching and Support

School & Educator Leadership Development:

  • Peer mentoring training

  • Instructional leadership team development

  • Professional development program design


Partner to personalize the learning environment to address students' social and emotional challenges and build on their assets



  • Impact / UCLA Center Teacher Residency

  • Pipeline / Educator Support Design

  • Leader Development


Annamarie Francois


California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

The Center helps support educator growth not just in their content learning but also in helping educators be reflective practitioners.  They encourage practitioners to think deeply about what they do, how they do it, and how they can apply their learning in meaningful ways.  I think that's what's going to move the needle on educator success, and therefore student outcomes."

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Maria Covarrubias

11th Grade Teacher,

Camino Nuevo Charter High School

I was extrardinarily pleased with the coaching I received from the Center.  They really heard what I wanted to learn.  It was some of the most valuable coaching I've had.


We Help You Get Better Results!

On average, students of schools and school districts whose teachers have participated in the Center’s training have a graduation rate of 84%, as compared to the 75% graduation rate of non-Center trained schools and districts.