Our Approach

With our Powerful Educators, Powerful Pathways and Powerful Communities services tailored to your needs, you can enhance the success of your students, teachers, and school. Through our focused expertise and actions, and our equity and innovation pilots, you'll create an equitable and motivational learning environment.


Our learner-centered teaching practices have impacted more than 15,000 students. Our approach improves student preparation for college and career. We believe that powerful public schools are essential to an equitable society, economy, and democracy.



Powerful Educators

Through cycles of instructional coaching, we work one-on-one with educators to develop relevant and rigorous instructional goals, create thriving classroom climates, and build professional mindsets that are essential to achieving equitable outcomes. 

  • School/District Improvement: original content under the umbrella “Powerful Improvement for More Equitable Outcomes”

  • Educator Coaching and Support: School and teacher and educator leadership development, including peer mentoring training, instructional leadership team development, and professional development program design

  • Learner Centered Instructional Support: social and emotional learning content that addresses students' challenges and builds on their assets with a personalized learning environment

  • Teacher / Leader Pipeline: Impact / UCLA Center Teacher Residency, Pipeline/Educator Support Design, Leader Development


Powerful Pathways

Powerful schools provide students with various choices of pathways to success empowering them with tools to remove barriers and access success.

As students learn in different ways, the Center for Powerful Public Schools offers unique programs that prepare students for college and career and offer diverse pathways to success.  As leaders in this field, we'll help you innovate as well as garner the wisdom we've learned from prior implementations.


Prep 4 Success makes the transition for students from middle school to high school easier.  Students are better prepared and more confident in high school after attending a three week summer bridge program.


This social and emotional learning (SEL) program provides students with opportunities to explore their identity, contextualize their place in society, and develop strategies they face as students of color. 


Students work harder and dream bigger when learning connects with them and connects them to the world. Rigorous learning linked to careers AND college produces engaged and motivated students.  Linked Learning prepares students to graduate from school ready for college and with skills to thrive in the workplace.


Powerful Communities

Powerful schools are supported by engaged communities ready to do what is needed to support the education system to provide equity, access, and choice to all students.  Close partnerships between schools and their communities are essential for school success and to help students reach their potential.   The Center for Powerful Public Schools helps engage your community using proven techniques and its extensive contacts to deliver better student outcomes.

Today, schools and districts actively seek to engage the community in many ways, through social programs, events, and learning opportunities in a mutually beneficial relationship.  By soliciting and analyzing input from all stakeholders, setting clear objectives, and partnering with you to involve the community in achieving them, CPPS augments resources that bring support and inspiration to your students and staff.


Lead and facilitate Community Based Organizations(CBOs) involved with the school / district for greater student outcomes. 

Current coalitions include:

  • Class

  • Linked Learning Alliance

  • Capacity Builders

  • English Learner Consortium


  • Slate Z


Analyze, report, and recommend based on data collection.


Lead input gathering and authentic feedback sessions for all stakeholder groups, including teachers, district/school leaders, students, parents and business and community partners.