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Faces Against Window


We build powerful educators dedicated to addressing the needs of underserved students by removing barriers and providing access to rigorous learning.


We offer parent engagement workshops on leadership in the school, visioning success for your student, and the role of the parent advocate. Through these workshops, we want to make our program efforts align with the school’s vision of family and community engagement. As part of their leadership, we connect with families to help them determine from either their schools and organizations – this is all to develop multiple strategies to engage families where they feel heard.  

The goal is to reach parents who are traditionally not involved in their school communities. We want to ensure that parents are viewed as partners in their student’s learning. In doing so, we want to create a space for Black and Black families to be in community to learn from each other.  

"And that was a part of the resolution as well. Not just having black educators in the classroom, but leaders across the entire system to help set the vision and the strategies with a culturally responsive lens."

-- Board Member Tanya Ortiz Franklin, LAUSD BD 7


Centering Students

Achieving Equity

Empowering Communities

Impacting Growth

Leading with Love 

Because we know our public education is not designed to empower and support our Black and Brown student, families, educators, and school communities. 

Recently released test scores for California’s students provide all education stakeholders with a preview of the drops in reading and math scores statewide that have been historically present in Black and Brown students but became more evident in the wake of Covid.  


The data indicates that both Black and Brown students score below standard for both reading and mathematics on California standardized tests. To close achievement gaps, we need culturally responsive teaching and curriculum that honors students and their learning. 

High school graduation rates have been consistently rising since the 2010-2011 school year, across all student groups. We have witnessed this increase with our Black and Brown students, however, they continue to lag behind other student groups. More importantly, the data demonstrates gaps between graduation and college eligibility. Black and Brown students need access to high-quality A-G courses throughout the school district. To ensure their success, schools must guarantee that every student in the District is college eligible.  ​ 


Family and Community Engagement is anything and everything that a parent and/or caregiver does in a child’s school life that leads to student success. 


We work with school communities to provide a holistic approach to Black and Brown student success. We ensure that school leaders, educators, and parents are working side by side to positively impact a student’s education so they may be able to thrive in college, career, and life.   

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