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With our Powerful Educators, Powerful Pathways and Powerful Communities services tailored to your needs, you can enhance the success of your students, teachers, and school. Through our focused expertise and actions, and our equity and innovation pilots, you'll create an equitable and motivational learning environment.

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Educators who work with us commit to owning their learning improvement as we work to build their capacity to close equity gaps and create powerful outcomes for all students.

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Our equity-focused programs build the capacity of educators to prepare students for college and career.

Closing equity gaps begins in communities. We work with schools to build a partnership with their communities. This is essential to ensuring the success of any school.

Our programs: 

     Services offered: Instructional one-on-one

and group coaching

We believe that a close

     partnership between schools

          and their diverse communities is

                essential to ensuring the

                      success of all students.

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The PREP 4 SUCCESS Summer Bridge Model is a 3-week program designed to acclimate 9th grade students to the academic rigor, career technical skills, and social emotional tools needed to navigate high school success.

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ROOTS 4 SUCCESS provides high school students with opportunities to explore their identity, contextualize their place in society, and develop strategies to overcome challenges they may face as students of color.


Empowered Schools

The Center for Powerful Public Schools assists principals & school leaders in developing a unique vision and roadmap for creating and maintaining an equitable, high-performing, cohesive learning space committed to serving their students. 

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Linked Learning

Our learner-centered teaching practices have impacted more than 15,000 students. Our approach improves student preparation for college and career. We believe that powerful public schools are essential to an equitable society, economy, and democracy.

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We build the capacity of educators to prepare students for the demands of work and life in the 21st century. Since its inception, 4,800 students have participated in Prep 4 Success, getting a head start on high school achievement.


of students from LAUSD Linked Learning High Schools graduated in four years, up 4% over other schools, an improvement of nearly 4% over non-linked learning high schools.

  • We’ve worked side-by-side with hundreds of educators at over 60 under-resourced public schools, building their capacity to improve the educational outcomes of more than 150,000 students.

  • In an average year, we support 400 educators, benefitting 11,500 students.

  • Ten years ago, the Center helped launch the first two LA Unified Pilot Schools. Today, we advocate for 47 Pilot Schools across the city – representing a sustainable and powerful community-based, teacher-driven reform movement within the nation’s second-largest school district.

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  • The Center is one of only six expert service providers nationally that are certified by the Linked Learning Alliance to support school districts and schools in Linked Learning design and implementation.

  • We supported Linked Learning implementation at 14 LA Unified career academies, as well as Antelope Valley Union School District and Lynwood Unified School District.

  • Center staff coached four high school career academies to Linked Learning Gold Certification, and eight to Silver Certification, demonstrating high-quality college and career preparation for their students.

  • Over the last 10 years, the Center has partnered with UCLA Center X to prepare over 245 social justice teachers and improve the equitable teaching practices of over 150 mentor teachers.

  • Since its inception, PREP 4 SUCCESS has nearly 200 teachers, deepening their understanding and practice of project-based learning and team teaching.

  • Developed and piloted new social-emotional agency curriculum Roots 4 Success.

  • Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine High School credits Prep 4 Success with raising 9th-grade student attendance to one of the highest levels in the district.

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The Center’s advocacy has been essential to help us focus on high-needs students and high-needs schools, and to dispel the myths that these schools cannot be centers of high-quality learning and community care. The Center’s essential role has been speaking in the face of denial that low-income schools in high-needs areas cannot be successful.

Jennifer Cano
Director, Education & Program Policy, United Way of Greater Los Angeles

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