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Student's Academic Skills Strengthen with Tutoring Services

Brandon Moore’s Blog

Sept 2022

A little over a month into this school year, I keep thinking about the needed academic support and funding our children need to thrive in schools. Part of this discussion should include providing ongoing tutoring programs. In the last school year, I witnessed their impact on my child. I think having tutoring programs helps enhance children’s learning and academic skills. Having the additional time once a week outside of school allows students to practice things they may need help with and cannot get during class time. 

This brings me to the last session of the Culminating Young Black Excellence (CYBE) tutoring program organized by the Center for Powerful Public Schools (CPPS). I saw how the impact of support was made on my child’s learning journey. My child, Jalen was able to comprehend text in ways that he did not before. I saw him demonstrate what he had learned by using techniques given by his tutor. 

As Jalen transitions to a new school year, it is my hope that the skills he learned in the CYBE program and from his tutor are applied every day. He will see a change from having one teacher to having multiple teachers a day – a change, but one that I hope will help Jalen become more organized.

Almost two months in, we have learned a lot. Every morning, Jalen looks forward to seeing his teachers, classmates, and being on campus. But with this, we are asking for support so he and his classmates can succeed – we ask for teachers to give them time to adjust, check in on them, and assist with the areas where they may be struggling.  We cannot wait to see what we can accomplish together this upcoming school year.

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